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Camphor ~ Ga Ra Boon ~ 1/2 Pound

Image of Camphor ~ Ga Ra Boon ~ 1/2 Pound


Taste: Hot and Aromatic
Part Used: Crystals derived from the gum of the tree trunk

Camphor is recognized in many spiritual ceremonies found in India and around the Southeast Asian cultures. When camphor burns, there is no trace of ashes making it a symbol of the Enlightened mind. It is a common herb in Thai saunas because of the respiratory benefits as a decongestant. Camphor is a stimulate of the circulatory and nervous system. The crystals are topically used for inflammation to sprains and joints, and an analgesic for cuts and skin infections.

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See the Book "A Thai Herbal" by C. Pierce Salguero for more information on this and other Thai Herbs!