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Thai SOUTHERN Blend ~ One Pound


Our Southern Blend is based on a traditional recipe of the southern lineage from Bangkok. It includes Kaffir Lime leaves, Organic Lemongrass, Lime Peel, Ginger, Genuine Thai Camphor and other astringent herbs. The Wat Po texts mention Kaffir Lime for Headaches, Colds, Congestion and Coughs. The leaf is actually considered more medicinal than the actual fruit. Lemongrass is used topically for sprains and bruises. A truly healing blend of herbs for topical use. This blend can also be powdered and applied as a poultice.

1 Pound makes apx. 3 to 4 compresses. Add fresh ginger or lemongrass for even more! Don't forget the muslin cloth and string for $4.99!

For educational purposes only
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